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AKCC (Accredited key certification center) - center for issuing qualified electronic signatures (QES) and secure media for storing them, tokens.

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What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature (ES) – electronic data that is added by the signatory to other electronic data or logically associated with them and used by him as a signature.

What types of electronic signatures are there?

Electronic signatures can be simple, improved (IES) and qualified (QES).

Unlike simple ones, improved and qualified electronic signatures make it possible to certify the signer’s consent to the contents of the electronic document, identify the signatory, also, IES and QES are the basis for the emergence of legal facts and are reliable evidence in court.

In addition, an improved and qualified electronic signature is used to ensure the integrity of the electronic document.

The difference between them is that a qualified electronic signature provides the highest level of protection, has a high level of trust as a method of electronic identification and is equivalent to a handwritten signature. An advanced electronic signature has a medium level of trust. In the future, in order to recognize Ukrainian electronic signatures in the EU countries, a qualified e-signature will be needed. One of its main features is that it is stored on a secure medium with a private key.

Since a qualified electronic signature has a high level of trust as a method of e-identification, it is mandatory for use in state and local government bodies, enterprises, state-owned institutions, as well as state registrars and notaries.

What are electronic stamps?

Electronic sealing is used to ensure the authenticity of the origin and integrity of an electronic document.

Electronic seals are reliable evidence in court. As with electronic signatures, there are advanced and qualified electronic seals that provide additional security guarantees over simple electronic seals.

What is file media?

File media is a special file containing your private key. Usually this file is called Key-6 with the extension *.dat (extensions *.pfx, *.pk8, *.zs2, *.jks are also found). To use the file medium, you need to:

  1. Select from the list your representative of electronic trust services – the entity you contacted to obtain an electronic signature.
  2. Upload a file with a private key from an external drive or computer.
  3. Specify the password to access the private key in the field.
What is Secure Private Key Media?

A secure storage medium of a personal key is a device for securely storing the key. Can be in the form of a token, cloud storage, Mobile ID or smart card.

A secure medium of personal keys is a means of qualified electronic signature or seal, intended for storing a personal key and having built-in hardware and software that ensures the protection of data recorded on it from unauthorized access, direct familiarization with the meaning of the parameters of personal keys and their copying. Compliance of means of a qualified electronic signature or seal with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services” is confirmed by documents of compliance or positive expert conclusions based on the results of their state examination in the field of cryptographic information protection.

A secure private key medium is an instrument designed to securely store a qualified electronic key stored in a facility and under the sole control of the subscriber. The secure medium of the private key is protected by an access password, and entering an incorrect password a certain number of times in a row will block the medium.

Secure personal key media are means of a qualified electronic signature or seal, a list of which can be posted at the link.

However, please note that in the above list, not all means of cryptographic information protection are means of a qualified electronic key, but only those indicated in the expert opinion.

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