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  • EDI-Network

    Interchange of all important documents between retail chains and suppliers


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    A free service that allows you to sign agreements, send primary and other documents without complicated registrations and interfaces of similar services

  • International document interchange

    Export and import of goods with international suppliers, distributors and suppliers

  • EDIN-е-CMR

    Service for the interchange of electronic CMRs to speed up the accounting of goods and calculations for the cargo transportation

  • EDIN-Tender

    An electronic auction platform for bidding that helps to find new partners

  • EDIN-Price

    Quick price agreements between retail chains and suppliers without lengthy negotiations

  • EDIN Market (For sellers)

    Increasing the profit of the trade business through sales promotion, expansion of coverage, attraction of new customers on the platform and with the help of the mobile application

  • EDIN Market (For buyers)

    Order directly from manufacturers and distributors at best prices

  • EDIN-Certificate

    Work with quality certificates for goods and search it in digital form

  • WhiteDoc

    A flexible service for small businesses and large corporations with individual settings for document approval

  • EDIN - Wiki

    Manuals for working with all services from theory to practice and legislative regulation

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