EDIN affiliate program - an opportunity to create something new together

The EDIN provider is open to common projects for business development: from technological solutions to marketing initiatives

EDIN Affiliate Programs

Product solutions

    • Joint product development
    • Financial incentives
    • Training and support
    • Portfolio expansion
    • Community of partners
    • Additional income

Joint implemented projects

Marketing partnership

    • Strengthening brand awareness
    • Increased lead generation
    • Building a b2b community
    • Dedicated customer base
    • Cooperation according to deadlines
    • Openness to new ideas

Joint implemented projects

Educational programs

    • Highly specialized training
    • Development of the necessary program
    • Inviting lecturers from business
    • Test access to e-document flow services
    • Open learning materials
    • Preparing a flexible program

Joint implemented projects

Do you have your own ideas for collaboration?

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