Marketing partnership

It’s easier to talk about important things together

Marketing partnership

We are FOR working together to talk about modern business tools and share useful experience

Partnership Opportunities

  • Let’s talk about innovation loudly together: the opportunity to highlight joint solutions at Conferences and Webinars.

  • We will expand our subscribers by cross-posting on social media.

  • Reading is not boring! We focus on covering real partnership cases of TOP companies. Joint collaboration in news from the best media is an excellent opportunity for productive PR.

  • What about a business podcast? EDO HUB is an EDIN project on Youtube about the mechanics of digital services “based on real events” in enterprises.


Benefits of partnership

  • Our clients are TOP 140+ retail chains and TOP 5000+ suppliers. Together with EDIN you will expand your recognition among the best.

  • Do you want to create creative content with us, but don’t have the time/resources? The main thing is an interesting idea, and we can take on the implementation ourselves.

  • We do not forget about deadlines and implement everything within the time frame agreed upon with you.

  • We are flexible in cooperation and are always ready to consider your proposals for interaction and joint projects.


Existing partners