Product and technology partnership EDIN

Collaborative digital solutions are new mechanisms in business processes

Product and technology partnership EDIN

We offer advanced SaaS solutions for electronic document management. We believe in the power of collaboration and synergy, so we seek partners who share our vision, are willing to expand their capabilities and offer their customers additional value through our integrated solutions. Join us to make your business more efficient and innovative together!

Partnership Opportunities

  • Collaborative Product Development: We are open to collaborating on developing new products or adapting existing solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and your customers.

  • Financial incentives: for partners who actively attract new clients and develop existing ones, we offer additional bonuses. For interesting and promising projects, we are ready to partially compensate the costs of the development partner.

  • Training and support: We offer specialized training programs that make you an expert in our product. We provide special conditions for partner support and accompaniment.


Benefits of partnership

  • Portfolio Expansion: Add advanced electronic document management solutions to your product portfolio.

  • Technical Support: Receive exceptional technical support from our team during integration and project implementation.

  • Joint Marketing: Leverage our resources and expertise for joint marketing campaigns.

  • Partner Community: Become part of our active partner community where you can share experiences, learn and get support.

  • Our clients are TOP 140+ retail chains and TOP 5000+ suppliers. Together with EDIN you will expand your recognition among the best.

  • Additional income: receive rewards for attracting new clients and/or developing our clients, for implementing interesting and ambitious joint projects.


Ideas and processes for partnerships

  • Do you develop or implement ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS and other classes/types of accounting systems?
    Integrate your system with our electronic document management so that your clients can exchange documents with their counterparties without leaving the accounting system and do not depend on the counterparty’s accounting system. We promote the exchange of structured documents (non-PDF, JPG, PNG), which allow us to automate document processing and eliminate the human factor.

  • Do you develop cash systems (PRRO, sales, receipts)? Give your customers the opportunity to submit product orders directly from the checkout software. And if your client is a cashier, a receptionist, and an accountant, connect our electronic document management to make life easier for your client.

  • Are you developing an internal document management system? Integrate with us to ensure a continuous exchange process with your client’s counterparties.

  • Are you developing mobile applications for drivers and sales representatives?

  • Are you also an electronic document management provider? Let’s partner so that our clients and yours can freely exchange documents with each other.

  • By integrating our solutions through Iframe, you can provide affiliate benefits by receiving commissions or other types of remuneration for users who use our services through your site.

  • With cross authorization using the OAuth2.0 protocol, it is possible to configure work in a single user window.

  • e-Procurement, Logistic.

Examples of partnerships

Integration tool

We provide APIs and technical support to deeply integrate our solutions with your ERP, CRM, WMS, etc. systems, guaranteeing maximum compatibility and efficiency.

Existing Integrations