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Educational programs

Our specialists will share their expertise in business processes that are relevant today.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Educational programs from EDIN provide practical knowledge in managing electronic processes in an enterprise, which can be implemented in further work.

  • We develop training in accordance with the needs of your audience, without “water”, regardless of whether the program is for students or for TOP management.

  • Want to gain even more market experience? We are ready to help you find additional lecturers or make adjustments to your program.

  • We provide flexible lecture formats: online, offline, prepared videos.


Benefits of partnership

  • To better understand the operation of electronic processes in enterprises, our students can get test access to services to become familiar with the real functionality.

  • After training, we provide all materials for further use (presentations, recommended sources).

  • Our deep experience working with our clients makes it possible to build a flexible program: from basic supply processes to complex corporate operating mechanisms.

  • 90% of companies use electronic services, the ability to use them in their work is an additional advantage over other candidates for the desired position.