Flexible service with individual settings for documents approval according to your needs: from signing a contract with a partner to complex corporate solutions for electronic data interchange

Features of the service for business:

  • Creation of own document templates
  • Setting up the document approval and signing procedure
  • Real-time document status updates: to whom it was delivered, by whom it was reviewed and signed
  • Possibility of single or overall signing of QES/EDS documents, cloud signature, electronic ink signature (facsimile) for internal documents


External accounting documents

Invoicing, signing certificates and other accounting documents

Internal accounting documents

Sending certificates of write-off for signing to commission members , moving of fixed assets and materials, etc.

Standard contracts with customers

Acceleration of sales due to the fast signing of standard agreements or conducting mass contract campaigns

Adjustments for a protocol of disagreements

Providing the client with the opportunity to send his version of the clauses of the agreement, agreeing with him on the final version and signing the agreement with a protocol of disagreements

Approval of the contract version

Uploading the contract received from the partner and sending it to the participants for approval and collecting comments

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Sign a non-disclosure agreement with companies and employees in minutes

Service notes

Centralized management of all service note forms and their approval according to any internal process

HR documents

Sending an application, creating orders, receiving questionnaires, creating personal files, etc.

Digital archive

Creation of a set of documents from various sources, safe storage, fast search and 24/7 access



Suitable for the work of 1 employee in the service



Suitable for work from 2 to 25 employees in the service

125 UAH/per employee per month


Suitable for work of 25 or more employees in the service

Personal offer to your needs

Tariff conditions are adjusted according to the Rules for using the platform

Satisfied with the result

Our primary goals were: automation of transparent procedures for creating, filling, approving, signing and storing documents, speeding up internal business processes and minimizing risks. To solve these issues, we utilize the WhiteDoc service from EDIN, which allows us to simplify:

  • The procedure for approving official memos and applications
  • The procedure of saving to digital archive
  • The procedure for signing primary accounting documentation with counterparties
  • The procedure for agreeing and signing contracts with counterparties

We are 100% satisfied with the result, as we have successfully configured more than 40 document templates, conducted staff training and started a productive test on real documents. Today, more than 50 users work with the WhiteDoc system.

Lyudmila Govorukha

Leading specialist of the department analytics and sales support “Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)”

We are trusted

Advantages of the WhiteDoc service:

    • Only the administrator or the indicated responsible person can adjust the contract
    • Only email is needed to invite the partner to sign the contract in the service
    • Signing documents using a file signature, token, or key placed in the network crypto module "HRYADA"
    • Ability to track the status of the document: when it was delivered, by whom it was reviewed, supplemented and signed

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