Solutions for retail - interchange of all necessary documents in electronic format during delivery processes

Features of EDI-Network:

  • Interchange of EDI documents (Electronic Data Interchange): orders, order confirmation, shipment notification, etc.
  • Interchange of legally significant documents: agreements, invoices, certificates, tax invoices, etc.
  • Interchange of documents with EDS/QES
  • International security standards for e-data exchange
  • Standardization of transferred electronic documents - elimination of conversion errors
  • Interchange of documents in any convenient format: doc, jpg, xls, pdf

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    • Confirmation by the supplier of obligations to supply the goods
    • Uniform standards of work with suppliers, transparency of data verification
    • The ability to predict the state of commodity stocks
    • Early preparation of warehouse facilities and simplification of the goods receiving process
    • Time saving, eliminating human errors
    • Fast receipt of the order from the retail chain
    • Absence of errors in documents that affect additional costs
    • The ability to find new retail chains for the sale of own goods that work with EDI
    • Automation of the process without the need for operators to manually input the SKU for the order confirmation
    • Free trial period for 30 days after registration



  • Up to 10 deliveries

    *Delivery – a chain of documents without the use of QES, which is necessary for the delivery of goods from the supplier to the buyer (chain, distributor, end user).

    per month - €19
  • Up to 30 deliveries
    per month - €43
  • Up to 60 deliveries
    per month - €85

LSD (legally significant documents)

  • Up to 30 sent documents

    Sent documents include:

    • Sending a document with QES
    • Signing in response
    • Receiving a signed document, including signed in response
    • Refusal to sign
    • Cancellation of the signed document
    per month - €21
  • Up to 150 documents
    per month - €84
  • Up to 250 documents
    per month - €116

A comprehensive package for the interchange of EDI and LSD

  • Up to 10 deliveries
    per month - €33
  • Up to 30 deliveries
    per month - €84
  • Up to 60 deliveries
    per month - €179

Tariff conditions are adjusted according to the Rules for using the platform

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    Global Spirits, a world leader in the production of alcohol, was founded in 2008 and combines profile assets in the alcohol industry of Eastern Europe and the USA. The holding includes modern enterprises producing vodka, alcoholic tinctures, cognacs, brandy, wines, champagne, vermouths and low-alcohol drinks. In Ukraine, the company represents such brands as: Khortytsia, Morosha, Shustov, OREANDA.

    Global Spirits works with most retail chains in Ukraine, so we need automation of our business processes, which is impossible without an effective supply chain. That is why we started cooperation with the leading EDI provider EDIN in the direction of implementing electronic document flow.

    Without the implementation of such solutions, it would be impossible to cooperate with more than 60 retail chains of Ukraine. Since cooperation with them takes place exclusively in electronic format.

    As a result of the implementation, we achieved significant results, in particular, we achieved 100% automation in the supply chain. We managed to reduce the errors when shipping products, optimize operating costs, and reduce the cost of consumables by up to 80%.

    Today, thanks to the implementation of the E-SIGN service, which ensures fast work with the QES, cooperation with our company has become simple, convenient and mutually beneficial for all parties,” comments Khrystyna Zabrotska, Head of the Inventory Management Department, Global Spirits

    Lakhman Daria

    Head of the Inventory Management Department, Global Spirits

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