Mobile application for signing
e-CMR by drivers

For carriers:
what problems does the EDIN Driver solve?

    • You are looking for a convenient and simple mobile application that your drivers can use
    • You don’t want to constantly monitor the driver to ensure that he sends original paper documents to the office or directly to the customer in a timely manner
    • You don't want to have a situation where the driver lost or damaged the original paper document
    • You don't want to waste your time teaching every driver how to use the mobile app

For the driver: what is possible in the EDIN Driver?

  • Sign multiple documents at the loading point in one click
  • Build a route to the unloading point using Waze, Apple / Google Maps
  • Build a route to the unloading point and not hear “bring - take documents”, because all documents are in electronic form
  • Unload the goods and immediately move on
  • Receive 24-hour advice from support service


  • 1.The driver must have an electronic signature

    Where and how to get an electronic signature

    He can issue a personal electronic signature in Privatbank (it is enough to have the Privat24 mobile application) or in Diia. To obtain a corporate signature, you must contact one of the key certification centers.

  • 2.You must send the driver a link or invitation to download the service
    Get consultation
  • 3.The driver needs to download the application and register with the service
  • 4.After receiving the e-CMR in the application, the driver needs to sign it with an electronic signature

Carriers who are already working in the EDIN Driver

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