Quick online agreement of prices between suppliers and retail chains

EDIN-PRICE features for users:

  • Downloading proposal with an attachment for price justification from Excel
  • Establishing rules for providing offers by the retail chain
  • Approve the offer in chain
  • Absence of discrepancies during acceptance and posting of goods
  • Offer to change promotional prices, regular prices

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Basic tariff

Connect to any number of retail chains

No functionality limitations

9,5 EUR/month

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    Tariff conditions are adjusted according to the Rules for using the platform

    Advantages of electronic price negotiation:

      • Quick approval and updating of prices electronically
      • Transparent and controlled price negotiation process
      • Establishing and tracking stages of reconciliation on the counterparty's side
      • Minimization of human errors
      • Reduction of costs for interchanging documents between counterparties
      • Saving staff working time
    saving time of employees and partners

    We have been working with the EDIN provider for a long time, and the following services are connected to our business processes: EDI-Network, Integration, EDIN-Price. I would like to make a few comments on each of these services and voice the benefits that our company, our employees and partners receive. EDI Network helps us quickly sign, check and send the document to the counterparty. Thus, we save 80% of our time and value the time of our partners. Integration allows us to work in our system, which we are used to, which we know very well and quickly navigate in it. Thanks to the EDIN-PRICE service, we quickly agree prices with the supplier in electronic form, this saves time and makes it possible to control the price agreement process.

    We are satisfied with the service, the managers quickly resolve requests and start work, the desire to work with EDIN is growing every time. In a word, the EDIN service is customer-oriented, the company respects and appreciates the needs and wishes of customers

    Olena Igorivna Bielska

    Head of the Customer Service Department, LLC "Viji Trade"

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      Acquainted with the privacy policy, and I consent to the processing of personal data.