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3 reasons for the buyer to connect the EDIN Market service

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100,000 products

A wide selection will allow you to find everything at once. It is enough to press two buttons and the product is sorted by category.

3000 suppliers

It allows you to choose the best conditions in one place, and the process becomes easier due to the clarity of the offers

200 promotional products

This will allow you to buy goods at the lowest prices and save on purchases

Want to know if EDIN Market is useful for your business?

  • When you have to wait for a sales representative to finally order a product because the shelves are already half empty
  • When you need to remember where and which supplier to write to, because one or another product is out of stock
  • When you have to call the seller's call center because you urgently need a product in stock
  • When you need to call the supplier to find out if he has the required amount of the product in his stocks
  • When you need to go to the messenger to copy the previous order, change the quantity, add and delete product items, to finally order the product from the supplier

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    Work with sellers through the first mobile application for wholesale B2B orders in Ukraine

    • Placing an order at any time and from any place
    • The only channel of communication with the seller
    • Only relevant product balances
    • The possibility of viewing the history of orders even offline
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    Advantages of Edin Market

    • Bringing new customers

      Connect your own client base to accept orders online

    • Execution of sales plans

      Control of sales dynamics and receipt of orders from retail outlets 24/7

    • Expanding the geography of coverage

      In all parts of the country

    • Expanding the assortment in retail outlets

      Information about promotions, launch of promo campaigns for current and new audiences

    • Performance analysis

      Advance procurement planning to accelerate demand response to seasonal and promotional bestsellers

    • Optimizing customer service

      Receiving orders and other delivery documents from all retail outlets instantly to the accounting system without the use of a call center, messengers, e-mail

    How it works?

    • 01

      Download the application from the App Store or Google Play

    • 02

      Select the needed category and quantity of the product in the price list

    • 03

      Place an order and receive the product

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      Acquainted with the privacy policy, and I consent to the processing of personal data.