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Increasing the profit of the trading business due to sales promotion,
expansion of coverage, attraction of new customers

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Work with buyers through the first mobile application for wholesale B2B orders in Ukraine

  • Receive orders
  • Expand your coverage
  • Carry out plans
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3 reasons for the seller to connect the EDIN Market service

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potential buyers of your product



Up to 15%

increase in the average check

How do you know if EDIN Market will be useful for your business?

  • When salespeople and sales reps are wasting their time on routine tasks and calls instead of selling
  • When a sales representative comes to 20 points of interest 2 times a week and still does not make 100% coverage
  • When the indicators say that an army of sales representatives is needed to implement the plans, but such resources are not available
  • When KPIs are not met, and employees give vague excuses
  • When orders coming from different sources like Viber, email, phone
  • When sales fall due to the expansion of national chains, and there is no access to the chain
  • When the process with clients is not established, and the work is done through the website, Excel, price list

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    Advantages of EDIN Market

    • Bringing new customers

      Connect your own client base to accept orders online

    • Execution of sales plans

      Control of sales dynamics and receipt of orders from retail outlets 24/7

    • Expanding the geography of coverage

      In all parts of the country

    • Expanding the assortment in retail outlets

      Information about promotions, launch of promo campaigns for current and new audiences

    • Performance analysis

      Advance procurement planning to accelerate demand response to seasonal and promotional bestsellers

    • Optimizing customer service

      Receiving orders and other delivery documents from all retail outlets instantly to the accounting system without the use of a call center, messengers, e-mail


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    We do not have a standard tariff for the EDIN Market solution, because the cost depends on your needs. However, this is exactly what is a profitable offer for you - you do not overpay for services

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