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Solutions for your business: from SaaS to API
The EDIN platform provides more than 10 different services for electronic data exchange. Their wide range helps to choose the most optimal for own processes with the possibility to work in a SaaS solution without additional costs with multi-interface accessibility regardless of the device, from anywhere in the world, or through an API with the possibility of integration into any existing accounting system
Security of your data
The EDIN system works 24/7 without interruptions. None of our customers have lost data, we are fully responsible for the reliable operation and safety of your documents.
Your new partners
Our services are used by more than 5,000 companies, for which we offer personal solutions for starting work with new counterparties, as well as information cooperation with them for business development
High-quality service for your company
Each user of the EDIN platform receives an individual SLA and the possibility of 24/7 support. Your company will have the opportunity to be the first to get access to new electronic business solutions

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    It should be admitted that the entire document flow for the delivery of goods to our stores takes place digitally. We have been working with the provider of electronic document interchange EDIN for a long time, and all our delivery processes are 99.9% using its services. And now, for our part, we call on all our partners to adapt to the demands of the times and join electronic solutions, because this will help secure their data and speed up interaction processes.

    Victoria Kashevska

    Chief accountant of Novus ™

    What do I need to start working on the platform?
    1. To start working, you need to register on the platform https://edo-v2.edin.ua/register.
    2. Then, in the “Settings”-“GLN” section, confirm the Legal Entity with an EDS.
    3. In the “Counterparties” section, find your partner and submit a connection request, or contact our manager network setup.
    4. In the “Balance and Tariff selection” section, choose the optimal plan, create and pay the bill.
    5. Done, now all necessary documents are sent to EDI-Network.
    Where can I get a GLN code?

    GLN (Global Location Number) you can register through GS1 or use our internal GLN code. Our internal GLN code is provided free of charge at the time of registration. If you are already registered, you can find your code in the “Settings” – “My GLNs, Companies, Networks” section.

    How to connect a retail chain?
    1. On the main page https://edo-v2.edin.ua/app/#/landing/services, select the “Counterparties” section.
    2. Find your partner in the list of retailers, click “Send application” opposite the name of the network.
    3. Fill in all the required fields, click “Generate application” and upload your EDS.
    4. Done, the retail chain has received all the necessary information for connection.
    How to sign documents on the platform?

    To sign the document, you only need:

    1. Select the necessary documents
    2. Click “Actions with selected documents” and “Sign”
    3. Then you need to upload your EDS and enter your password
    4. Click “Read” and then – “Sign”
    5. Done 🙂
    Where are all sent and received documents stored?

    EDIN servers located in Ukraine, Poland and Germany (the servers are synchronized and duplicate each other). Available 24/7

    How safe is storing documents on the EDIN platform?
    1. Data is stored on our own servers in data centers in Europe, in cloud storage.
    2. Multiple data mirroring.
    3. Each client has its own shard (its own database), additionally documents are kept by each participant.
    4. Regular backup of all data.
    5. Access to the platform and documents via a secure protocol (https, ftps, SSL certificate).

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      Acquainted with the privacy policy, and I consent to the processing of personal data.
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